Pop up gazebos, also known as ‘pop up canopies’ or ‘instant canopies’, are multi-use temporary structures that can be used for personal use, such as family parties and BBQ’s but can also be used for commercial use at exhibition events, trade shows and more.

Below are a few key benefits of using our pop up gazebos…


Arguably one of the most notable things about our pop up gazebos is that they are able to function, perform and serve their chosen purpose in all types of weather due to the strength of the gazebo structure. They can be used to provide a shelter in torrential rain and protection against heavy winds and sun.

Depending on where you purchase your pop up gazebo from, the durability will differ between different businesses and products. So, the resistance against harsher weather conditions may be jeopardised based on the quality of the product.


There is nothing more frustrating than having hundreds of components and instructions that just don’t make any sense. Another fantastic characteristic that the pop up gazebo has is the fact that it is a structure that is all held together as one piece, so, finding part ‘A1-4B’ is not a problem anymore. It also means that you do not have to stress about the time it takes to set up as a regular pop up gazebo will take approximately 3 minutes to construct.


If you are looking to use pop up gazebos for commercial purposes then you will want to be incorporating the gazebo into your business branding. That is why at Apex Market Stalls product branding is an important aspect in our services. Gazebos aren’t just a pop up structure that stops you from getting your clothes wet, it’s so much more than that. It is a piece of marketing that will entice people to visit you and build brand awareness.


A great thing about pop up gazebos is that the cost is small for the number of uses that you will get out of it. All of our pop up gazebos are worth the money, our cheapest proves to be ideal for new starter businesses that have a small amount of start-up money. All of our pop up gazebos come with a fixed term warranty, which means any damage to your gazebos are covered by our guarantee.


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