Choosing Your Market Stalls

Our stalls are made in a number of designs which have been developed and perfected over the years, all of which are available in a variety of different sizes. All of our market stalls are built to the highest of standards and have been designed for strength, rigidity and ease of assembly.

Units are manufactured from 25 mm x 25 mm box section steel with a 2 mm wall thickness to safeguard against bending and twisting. Extra deep 3" pocket and peg joints ensure increased stability. All steelwork that we manufacture has a five-year guarantee as standard. Plastic plugs are fitted to all roof covers to stop tearing of the stall cover. Stalls are finished in a black carbo red oxide gloss paint.

Walk-in with Tables

This type of stall can be used as an ordinary walk-in stall, but extra fittings ar­e provided to make 2 ft-wide tables down both sides and across the back of the stall, to make a large undercover table display area.

Counter Stalls

This stall can be used with a counter in front or, when turned 180°, with the counter at the rear. With the front counter, the stallholder has a large undercover storage area and the customers are protected from the weather by the 2 ft overhang.

Walk-in Stalls

Walk-in stalls have a large, versatile undercover display area. They are excellent for the display and sale of clothing, especially when used with hanger bars or dress rails (as shown in ­our accessories section). Walk-in stalls are suitable for the sale of a wide range of goods and can be used with free-standing tables or trestles.

Table-type Stalls

These universally popular stalls have a large, 4 ft-wide display area. The stall is designed with overhangs at the front and rear of the stall, giving weather protection to both the stallholder and the customers.

Stepped Table Stall

The stepped design of this stall increases the visible display area to customers. It is ideally suited to retailers of footwear, china, cut flowers, etc. The steps are 1’ deep and 1’ high.

Walk-in Stall with 2ft Table

This stall has the double benefit of the large, walk-in area combined with a single 2 ft-wide table. This gives you plenty of room for customers but still allows you to display products effectively. The table can be fitted to either of the sides or at the rear, whichever is most suitable for you.

Car Boot Stalls

Made to the same pattern as both the table-type and walk-in stalls. Each pattern is available in various sizes, with the larger lengths 'sectioned' to enable transportation in a small space. Despite the fact they have a greater number of components, they are designed to be very rigid.