Are you a Market Operator?

As established manufacturers of market stalls, we can draw on our experience to provide you with an efficient service from your initial enquiry to final delivery on-site. We manufacture traditional slot-together, steel-framed market stalls and fitted PVC covers for the ultimate in strength and appearance. For steel-framed stalls, one of our strengths is that we fabricate both frames and fitted covers in our purpose-built workshops, which means that we are very versatile, competitive on price and able to maintain quality control throughout the manufacturing process. There is a range of standard frames designs available or we can custom produce any size or type of frame that you require. Normally, box-section steel of various sizes is used, depending on the strength requirements of frame members. All frames carry a five-year warranty.

Gazebos. Over recent years Gazebos have become increasingly popular owing to their ease of erection and overall practicality. We have thoroughly researched the different manufacturers' products and to this end we stock what we believe are the best canopies of their type available in the UK.