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Hanger Bars

Hanger Bars

Hanger Bars
Hanger Bars

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  • Small S Hook

    Small S Hook

    mall S Hook has a wide variety of uses. Zinc plated 4mm ....
  • S Hooks

    S Hooks

    Our 'S' hooks are versatile and are ideal for hanging a wide range of .....
    Price From: £0.49
  • Tube Hanger Bracket

    Tube Hanger Bracket

    25mm Tube hanger bracket with 50mm disc end stop. Designed to fit over standard ....
    Price From: £2.85
  • Bar Hanger Bracket

    Bar Hanger Bracket

    Zinc-plated bar hanger manufactured from heavy duty steel. Designed to fit over.....
    Price From:

    Regular Price: £2.60

    Special Price £1.99

  • Rainbow Plastic Coat Hangers
  • Thin Bar Hanger

    Thin Bar Hanger

    Designed for the display of lighter items. Ideal for carded goods. Zinc-plated .....
    Price From: £0.98
  • Wire Hanger Bracket

    Wire Hanger Bracket

    Zinc-plated wire-type hanger for displaying clothes. Clips over stall bars. Comes with ....

    Regular Price: £2.49

    Special Price £1.75

  • Slot Hanger Bracket

    Slot Hanger Bracket

    Zinc-plated slot hanger for the display of clothes.Clips over stall bars. Comes with eight ....

    Regular Price: £2.75

    Special Price £2.45

  • Bar 'S' Hook

    Bar 'S' Hook

    Our round bar 'S' hook is perfect for hanging items from any bar on your stall. Designed to .....

    Regular Price: £1.19

    Special Price £0.96

  • Hook Hanger

    Hook Hanger

    Hook hanger designed to fit over 25mm standard market stall bars.

    Regular Price: £1.60

    Special Price £1.47

  • Straight Notch Hanger

    Straight Notch Hanger

    Straight notch hanger will take up to 8 coat ....
  • Flat Plate 'S' Hook

    Flat Plate 'S' Hook

    Our Flat plate 'S' hook is perfect for hanging products or items from any suitable ....

    Regular Price: £1.65

    Special Price £1.27

  • Black Slot Hanger Bracket

    Black Slot Hanger Bracket

    Black slot hanger bracket for displaying garments. 8 slots and 8 holes 425mm (17") ....

    Regular Price: £2.75

    Special Price £2.45

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13 Item(s)

At Apex, the one stop market stall shop we have developed an extensive range of accessories to perfectly enhance your market stall. Each designed to display products to maximum effect and thereby increase sales.

From hanger bars, free standing tables, angled dump bin stands stepped units and garment rails we are sure to have the perfect accessory to display your product line.

Hanger Bars